Why electric scooters could be a game changer for Seattle

New forms of mobility are giving car-congested cities a chance to reshape their urban fabric.

“Jefferson City, Missouri — Spin Shared Electric Scooters” by Tony Webster is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Garrett Reynolds contributed an article to Seattle’s Daily Journal of Commerce about the viability of electric scooters and their potential to transform transportation.

A westward walk from First Avenue to Alaskan Way has recently been transformed with the removal of the viaduct along Seattle’s waterfront, opening up unobstructed views of Puget Sound from areas previously blocked by this seismically susceptible concrete structure.

Built in the 1950s to facilitate unimpeded access throughout the city for personal automobiles, the removal of this car-centric infrastructure allows Seattle to reconnect areas of the city with a new public promenade along the waterfront.

As Seattle takes strides to provide pedestrian-friendly urban environments, the ultimate success of these projects will depend on their connectivity. Micromobility options including electric scooters, and a supporting infrastructure, hold the potential to be the next game changer in our cities, reshaping urban centers and transforming the way we commute.

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Brio Tower in Bellevue includes a mid-rise component geared toward families.

Principal Robert Miller also contributed his perspective on trends in the industry to the Daily Journal of Commerce. Miller spoke to big areas of interest to the firm such as our recent work with high-rises.

Our design-first focus and strength as problem-solvers has translated well to high-rise design. We’ve found it helps to be selective and seek like-minded clients. We’ve been fortunate to partner with several clients who allow us to be part of achieving their aspirations for unique and highly profitable structures.

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