Symbiosis: Seattle Architecture Foundation’s 22nd Annual Architectural Model Exhibit

The Seattle Architecture Foundation opened Symbiosis, the 22nd Annual Architectural Modem Exhibit this month (September 12 through November 23). Two of our projects are included in the exhibition and both center on spaces for people to gather. We hope you’ll stop by. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Boundary Point Cabin
Intended as a permanent gathering place for multiple generations, the Boundary Point Cabin is perched delicately on a rock outcropping along the western edge of a lake in British Columbia. Relocating and repurposing an existing log cabin into a guest house, together with a new structure, three campsites, a fire pit and stair to the lakeshore, the site forms an intimate compound for the family to reconnect. As the center of gatherings for an urban family, the cabin is immersed in the natural beauty of the lake and forest and directly connects the family to their favorite outdoor activities.

Boundary Point Cabin, photo copyright Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

Yesler Terrace Towers
The Yesler Terrace Towers foster a series of connections — residents to the neighborhood, neighbors to the community, and the evolving community to the city. A pair of towers, visible from I-5, create a gateway to downtown Seattle and into the Yesler Terrace neighborhood. A highly porous, multi-story podium invites people within the neighborhood into the project to enjoy views of Puget Sound, and to explore a ramping green roof to various outlooks, artwork, and experiences of natural phenomenon. As an extension to a newly completed park across the street, the podium acts as a community front porch encouraging gathering and social interaction.

Yesler Terrace Towers, copyright Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

Exhibition details:
The Center for Architecture and Design
1010 Western Avenue, Seattle, WA

Exhibit Open to the Public: September 12 — November 23, 2019.

Further reading:
The Architect’s Newspaper: Seattle Architecture Foundation will open 22nd Annual Architectural Model Exhibit

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