New Conceptions: Sustainable Organic Architecture

Fallingwater recently held a global mini-symposium to explore sustainability through the lens of organic architecture. Using Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of and approach to “organic” in his work as a starting point for the discussion, the symposium brought together speakers from Stuttgart to Ohio to offer their perspectives, including Bill James, an architect in our Pittsburgh studio. The symposium included a keynote address from Stefan Behnisch, Founder of Behnisch Architekten in Stuttgart.

High Meadow at Fallingwater © Nic Lehoux Photography

Symposium co-organizers Justin Gunther, Vice President of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and Director of Fallingwater, and John Reynolds, a professor of architecture at Miami University of Ohio, introduced the conversation within the context of Wright’s life and work. For Wright, the term “organic” was a multi-faceted construct that underpinned democratic values and evolved over the course of his life.

James offered a layered exploration of one of our projects at Fallingwater — the High Meadow dwellings and studio (pictured above) — to describe the way our practice considers organic patterns, or what we call “natures”: the nature of people, the nature of place, and the nature of materials.

You can watch a video recording of the full presentation below and learn more about the symposium and related topics via the links at the bottom of the page.

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