Malachowsky Hall’s Façade Takes Shape at the University of Florida

The University of Florida’s Malachowsky Hall for Data Science and Information Technology will provide a central campus hub for students, faculty and researchers working on advances in computing, communication and cyber-technologies. When completed in early 2023, the 263,000 square-foot building will include diverse collaborative spaces where occupants will apply research to a range of disciplines including health care, pharmacology, security, and fundamental science.

Malachowsky Hall © Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

As construction continues, we recently celebrated an exciting milestone with a site visit to review a full-scale prefabricated panel mockup of Malachowsky Hall’s signature façade. Comprised of a series of angled, trapezoidal windows and electrochromatic glass, the exterior will bring a striking new presence to the heart of campus, overlooking a new green space. Working closely with Ajax Building Company and N-RG Cladding, our panel fabricator, we identified and worked through a range of considerations, from sequencing and thermal performance to air, vapor, and water management, while retaining the integrity of the original concept.

© Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

A crucial aspect of the design is the play of light across a monochromatic, faceted skin to create wide-ranging tonal variation. We worked closely with paint specialists at PPG to find a neutral silver with varying levels of metallic flake to achieve the amount of reflectivity to maximize contrast while controlling glare from the Florida sun. The on-site review, with University stakeholders and project team members, allowed us to see the effect of three silver colors as they changed and shifted throughout a clear summer day. Watch a time-lapse of changing light on the mockup below.

Watch a video fly-through of Malachowsky Hall