Emily Pilloton, founder of Girls Garage, challenges the girls in her programs to: “Fear Less. Build More.” Our San Francisco office is proud to sponsor and partner with this nonprofit dedicated to design and building programs for girls ages 9–17. The organization offers classes in carpentry, welding, architecture, and activist art. Pilloton shared her powerful message about building girls up so they can build the world they want to see at our Tenth Annual Talk20 event last month. She inspired our audience about what’s possible when we empower girls and young women.

We, in turn, had an opportunity to share some of our stories with a group of girls engaged with Girls Garage.

Detail of a bench designed and built by girls in the Girls Garage program.

In addition to sharing our paths to success, we got a chance to see some of the work they are doing, including the above pictured bench they built.

We’re looking forward to an exciting and invigorating partnership in the future!

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